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Eddy Brake

-The rotor and the stator are made of high quality magnetic materials and subjected to heat treatment. There is a gap between rotor and magnetic pole so no wear occurs during operation.
-Coils are made of single polyimide wire wrapped with glass firbre and are dip coating of vacuum pressure in twice. The insulation level is class F or H.
-The cooling water is supplied by a circulating water pump to ensure that the heat generated by the brake can be sissipated even under maximum load.
-To connect with the drum shaft by involute spline tooth clutch

Model Unit DS40 DS50 DS70
Rated stop torque KNm 44 60.76 107.8
Applicable drill depth for ¢114mm drill pipe m 2500-4000 3500-5000 4500-7000
Max. exciting power KW 9 12 23.5
Exciting coil (H class)   4 4 4
Amount of cooling water L/min(gpm) 190(50) 285(75) 560(148)
Max. temperature of inlet water 42 42 42
Max. temperature of outlet water 72 72 72
Weight Kg 5830 7285 12300
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