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Flexible Rubber Fitting


Expansion Joints

I. Application range
The flexible rubber fitting has good integrated performance, mainly used for hoisting and conveying of raw water and dirty water, feeding water and cooling circulation water of thermal power plant and cooling circulation water, conveying condensate water of metallurgical industry and conveying of chemical materials, and others lines flexible connection. The rubber has high wear resistance, it can convey cold weather gas.

II. Main technical parameters
● Model: φ50-1500mm
● Working pressure: 0.25-6.4MPa
● Connection type: flange connection, thread connection, thread pipe flange connection, etc.

III. Product features

  • Compact, light, good elasticity and easy for installation and maintenance.
  • During installation, it can produce horizontal, axial and angular displacement, no misalignment of line and flange unparallel limit.
  • During working, it can reduce noise; it has strong shock absorption capacity.






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