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Anti-slip Mat

Application: With section construction of tiles, the anti-slip polyurethane mat is flatly laid on the drilling platform to prevent injuries to workers who can not keep balance on slippery platform.
Classification: Polyurethane anti-slip mat and carbon fiber reinforced rubber anti-slip mat.
Polyurethane anti-slip mat : It is resistant to abrasion, oil, acid, alkaline, cold and moisture, temperature-resistance, firm bonding of steel nails, rational product layout, aesthetic and elegant appearance and stable anti-skid.  This type is highly recommended.
Carbon fiber reinforced rubbe anti-slip r mat: It  is made mainly from elastomer by press-moulding and vulcanizing with high-strength carbon fibers as the reinforcing frame. This product features resistance to tear and aging, good wear-resistance and no deformation. In addition to having the features of PU mat; it is low in cost and is 1/7 of PU mat price.
Polyurethane anti-slip mat

Polyurethane anti-slip mat

carbon fiber reinforced rubber anti-slip mat.

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