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Remote Controler

Remote controller:

S/N Name Parameter description
1.1 Remote control console Size:4110(L)×2170(W)×2420(H)mm  Weight:6mt
1.2 effective volume of oil tank 1310L,one (1) 1〞release port and four (4) 4〞inspection port
1.3  triplex pump output and working pressure 42L/min、21MPa(18.5KW,460V,60Hz)
1.4 air pump output× quantity 20L/This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.×two (2)
1.5 air source pressure( maxim air consumption) 0.53~0.8 MPa (3m3/min)
1.6 accumulator 40L×16=640L install by two sides with four groups symmetrically, a high pressure globe valve for each accumulator
1.7 usable liquid measure for accumulator 320L
1.8 preliminary filling nitrogen pressure for accumulator 6.3 MPa~7.7 MPa
1.9 main fold assembly manual pressure reducing valve 0~14 MPa(2000psi),the by pass pressure is 21 MPa(3000psi)
1.1 ring pressure manual & pneumatic regulator 0~18 MPa
1.11 controlled object quantity one ring style, two half sealed style, one sealed style, one discharge nozzle, one standby
1.12 dynamo automatic start and stop controller ontrolled by pressure relay, the low pressure is under 18.9MPa(2700psi), the dynamo starts; the pressure reaches 21 (3000psi) MPa, the dynamo stops
1.13 air pump automatic start and stop controller controlled by the liquid air start stop, the low pressure is under 18MPa(2600psi), it starts; the pressure reaches 21 (3000psi) MPa, it stops
1.14 pressure display and delivery four 100mmOD pressure gauge show respectively:
Ring pressure 0~25MPa (0~3570 psi)
accumulator pressure 0~40MPa (0~5800 psi)
main fold pressure 0~40MPa (0~5800 psi)
air source pressure 0~1.6MPa(0~232psi)
1.15 pressure output interface NPT 1″12 PCS、NPT1″1,inside and outside screw thread are available
1.16 pressure of the overflow valve accumulator set overflow valve:23.1MPa(3350psi)
main fold overflow valve:34.5MPa(5000psi)
1.17 three-position four-way valve driving cylinder seven magnetic 3″cylinder with magnetic start stop
1.18 solenoid valve chest including the following elements: 
1)one two-position five-way solenoid valve controlled air source;
2)two twp-position three-way solenoid valve adjustable ring pressure;
3)seven three-position five-way solenoid valve control six three-position four-way turning valve and one by pass valve;
4)four pressure transmitter.
1.19 Charger box input 110VAC,output 24VDC including the following elements: 
One charger:3A,24V; 
Two accumulators:12V,12Ah;
Three explosion proof switch on the panel。
2.1 Control function 17 explosion proof switches: fourteen are used for three-position four-way turning valve(six) and by pass valve(one); two for adjustable ring pressure; one for controlled air source
2.2 Rig floor 600(L)×250(W)×750(H)(mm)、weight:50Kg
2.3 function 1) four intelligent digital meter: three for the show of accumulator pressure, main fold pressure and ring pressure, one for air source pressure
2) thirteen for explosion-proof pilot lamp: 12 for showing the BOP switch state, one for power
3.1 Connection cable 1×50m  
4.1 pressure control 24VDC
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